Life is finite and for our beloved four-legged friends unfortunately even faster than for us humans. What remains are our memories of the shared moments and the certainty that those moments will still put a smile on our faces in the years to come.

Everyone knows happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you divide it. With our #wwmoments, which is the short form of "William Walker Moments", we want to give each other a common hashtag and the opportunity to share our moments with people who feel the same way. And because Hamburg is the gateway to the world and with the right crew, William Walker feels at home all around the globe, everyone is invited to become part of the "William Walker Crew" #wwcrew. On our homepage we feature special social media posts, so if you're interested, go ahead and use #wwmoments on your social posts and check out our website from time to time.

In addition, to picked up social media postings we use #wwmoments to also tell longer stories of moments that have come to our ears through our #wwcrew. If you have an exciting story about you and your beloved dog, share it with us directly at