Willliam has a surprise for you!

Our subscription box at a glance

- Included value of goods after 6 months at least 640 €

- Available from 59 € per month

- Guaranteed to include at least once: Leash, collar, poop bag dispenser, treat bag, one of our Sleep items (e.g., Travel Mat, dog bed, Comfy Cloud)

- No commitment, can be cancelled monthly

- Adapts to your needs and preferences

- You choose the color/material of the included Walk items

- You tell us what collar/leash size you need

- Free shipping

Louisa explains:

How the subscription works

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Your Individual Box

Your first delivery could look like this

For 59€ instead of 108€

William Walker 120 Kotbeutel (8 Rollen)


300 poop bags (20 rolls)

300 bags - 20 rolls with 15 bags each
Very durable & robust
Without fragrances
Drip proof & leak proof

What products are included in the boxes?

Can I influence what is included in my boxes?