We recommend the use of a suitable leather cleaning agent. When cleaning, the individual instructions for use of the cleaning agent used should be observed. If the collar is very dirty, a soft brush can be used. If you want to protect the lettering on the William Walker logo badge, you should avoid rubbing or brushing this area. After the water bath, the leather product should be rinsed once with clear water. Minor detergent residues are not a problem and ensure that the leather remains soft.
After hand washing, the product should be air-dried; tumble drying is not suitable. After drying is complete, all nubuck and suede products should be brushed briefly. As a general rule, leather products should not be washed excessively, but only if thorough dry cleaning is not sufficient. For long-lasting color and stain protection, regular treatment with a suitable impregnating agent is recommended.

Important information
Please wear gloves when washing, as skin irritation may occur without gloves. Mixing different leather colors in one wash should be avoided as discoloration cannot be ruled out. In the case of colored leather products where the dyes are not sufficiently fixed, the surface appearance may change. Avoid contact with the eyes at all costs. If this happens accidentally, rinse the eye with water for a few minutes. Seek medical attention in an emergency. Keep cleaning agent out of the reach of children. Shake before use. Protect from frost.