December is here and the pre-Christmas season has officially begun. For many, and also for William Walker, it marks the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year. The feast of love is upon us and the anticipation of the big night is now growing daily, for young and old.

We probably speak for many of you when we say that after such a year as this, the time spent together with your loved ones (on two and four legs) is the most precious thing and can be replaced with absolutely nothing. We really wish each and every one of you that you have a joyful, peaceful Christmas and, above all, a wonderful pre-Christmas season.

How does William Walker sweeten the Christmas season for you? With cookies and presents!

To ensure that your pre-Christmas period is also marked by as much childlike anticipation as possible, the first door of the William Walker Christmas calendar opens on the 1st of December. That means, until the 24th of December we will open a door for you every day with a great, new surprise action. The surprise promotion is only valid for one day and will be followed the next day by the next promotion - excitement, fun and style until Christmas Eve.

The new door opens every morning around 8:00 a.m. With the code wwpresent you can use the daily offer.

The William Walker Christmas Bakery is in full swing

The William Walker Christmas Bakery has fired up its oven and is baking delicious treats for your four-legged friends. Throughout the Christmas season, we will be giving your four-legged friends homemade dog cookies from our Christmas bakery with every order. By the way, we have not only baked the cookies ourselves with love and packaged for you, also the recipes are created by us. In our wwrecipes blog you can have a look at the recipes and download them as a great illustrated PDF. If you prefer to watch the whole baking action as a step by step video here you go.

Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift?

If you're just looking for a great gift for your loved ones, be sure to check out our Christmas Boxes. Here we have developed many great boxes for you, which you can still customize according to your taste. If you still need some inspiration for the perfect gift, you should have a look at our current Gift Guide, where we have summarized our top 10 gift ideas for you.

We wish you a really great holiday season and look forward to hearing from you. Until then, be good, eat yummy cookies and buy your dog something nice - certainly deserves it.