In the world of dog supplies, corduroy dog blankets with their unique soft fabric are an innovative step. They represent a stylish addition to your living environment and symbolize your affection for your faithful friend. The fabric blends effortlessly into any interior, ensuring cozy moments and functionality.

Versatility through reversibility: thanks to the reversible design, the blankets combine dual use and comfort. One side, made of corduroy fabric, is extremely easy-care, cozy and stylish at the same time thanks to Easy Clean technology. The other side, made from the same high-quality material as the matching dog beds, promises your dog soft lying comfort and protects the bed from dirt and wear and tear.

Aesthetics and coziness: These blankets integrate perfectly into your home and give your dog a cozy retreat. They are the ideal solution for dogs who love to eat, play or simply relax in their bed without compromising on style or cleanliness.


S/M (87 x 67 cm)

L/XL (110 x 85 cm)