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From now on, every month there will be an exclusive discount on one of our favorite products and its different designs. 12 months, 12 products of the month, 12% discount for you!

The William Walker product world is diverse and varied. However, over time, some favorites have emerged among our customers, as well as us in the William Walker team. With the promotion "Product of the month" we want to celebrate one of our absolute favorite products with you every month. For one week at a time, there will be 12 percent exclusive discount on the product of the month in all its colors.

The Product of the month March is our classic dog bed, which is available in Stone, Sand and Wood designs. The Product of the month March was chosen by our colleague Louisa and her dog El Carlos.

Product of the Month

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Louisa, why is this dog bed design the Product of the month March!!!?

"I bought the dog bed in Stone color because my dog Carlos desperately needed a comfortable place to sleep in the office. He is very simple-minded - if he does not lie comfortably, he simply does not come to rest. A dog bed is much more than just a place to sleep for him. It is a place of retreat for him and a signal that no more nonsense will be done now, but siesta is announced. Since he usually spends the night stretched out in my box spring bed, his definition of "comfortable" is only the best of the best. The boy just knows what's good. As a William Walker employee, I of course have the advantage of being able to test all of the products on site. So Carlos and I could test lie and choose our favorite design live and in color.

The Stone dog bed fulfills everything a dog bed needs for me and my four-legged friend. It is extremely cozy and has a stable, yet soft, raised edge. Carlos can wonderfully rest his head on it and watch me work. The material feels wonderfully high quality and it has a beautiful velvety look. You can feel that the upper material is top quality. Inferior materials somehow always make my hair stand on end - I can't stand that at all. Also, I love this color. The gray is not cool and off-putting, but has beautifully warm hues and invites you to chill. And with a little tomboy like my Carlos, one feature of the Stone dog bed is especially valuable - it's super easy to clean and the fabric is ultra durable! Yes - I am really in love with this bed. That's why this William Walker dog bed is my Product of the Month for March, and we're celebrating by giving you 12 percentoff."