We are very pleased to welcome you as an official William Walker Partner! To make our partnership as rewarding as possible for you, we have compiled a brief overview with best practices here.

  1. In a few days your individualized flyers will arrive. On each of these flyers is your personal discount code, which you can easily distribute to your customers with this advertising material. 
  2. Don't be afraid to give every customer a flyer to take with them! If your flyer supplies run out, we will be happy to send you new promo material.
  3. Attached to this email is a document created for you that lists all of our product categories as well as their history and main features. Here you will find a suitable answer for any question a customer might ask about one of our products!
  4. All our products are very high quality workmanship and are made of the best raw materials. We produce without exception in Europe and a large part of our products are manufactured directly in Germany. So you do not need to mince words when you talk to your customers about our products.
  5. Be upfront with your customers! Talk openly about how your business benefits from every purchase you make from us. Of course your customers are well disposed towards you and especially in times like these, many of your customers will be happy to buy from you.

If you still have any questions about us or our partner program, you can reach us at any time at:

Tel.: 040 870 77 131

Mail: hallo@williamwalker.de