The leather leash meets various wishes and needs thanks to two variants, each in two sizes:

Variant 1 - The City leash with a fixed length of 1.5 m is available in the standard size and as a smaller or narrower and lighter leash "For small dogs".

Variant 2 - The 3-way adjustable leather leash has a total length of 2.20 m and allows several length settings.

The sizes for the dog collars from our Twisted collection are as follows:

Measurements are taken from the buckle to the first/smallest hole or from the buckle to the largest/last hole of the lying collar.

Attention: Length is not equal to circumference! Our collars are measured from the buckle to the respective hole and in the unfolded, lying state. So our measurements are not the circumference, but the length. So when choosing a size, please keep in mind that the collars are thickly padded and will shrink about 5-7 cm when fastened. If you have any questions about our sizes, please contact our style advice or customer service.

Size Chart:


Length in cm

≈ circumference in cm


25 cm - 32 cm

21 cm - 27 cm


31 cm - 38 cm

25 cm - 33 cm


37 cm - 44 cm

31 cm - 38,5 cm


43 cm - 51 cm

36 cm - 45 cm


50 cm - 59 cm

43 cm - 53 cm


56 cm - 66 cm

51 cm - 61 cm