When we started William Walker, we were motivated by a desire to make products for dogs that are simply beautiful without fancy bells or whistles and if possible look good on every dog. 

We were and are fully aware that a beautiful leash or a high-quality bed does not necessarily say anything about the relationship or the extent of affection for one's own four-legged friend. And yet we are convinced that four-legged friends who are lucky enough to receive a William Walker product as a gift from their owner have drawn a very solid lifelong bond.

Many dogs have been less fortunate and are still without a nice home and an owner who loves them unconditionally. Neither we at William Walker, nor anyone else, can change that. However, together we can make a difference, one dog's life at a time. 

Following our own principle "caring is better than ignoring", we donate a meal for dogs for every product sold in our store. With this action, we create both a little more awareness for their own happiness and make it easy for each of our customers to support disadvantaged dogs. The donation is made to Hunderettung Europa e.V. where anyone interested in helping can donate directly him/herself. 

The William Walker Care Program

In 2021 we additionally launched the William Walker Care Program.

For the William Walker Care Program, all organizations that work for the benefit of dogs can apply. Using a uniquely identifiable code, we can match purchases on our website and support the organizations with a 10% share of the total purchase value. Anyone interested in learning more about the program goes this way.