Ideally, use an outdoor location; a very well ventilated room is an alternative. Place the collar or leather product in question on a clean and dry surface. Spray the waterproofing spray on thinly and evenly from a distance of around 40 cm and then leave to dry - done. If the product in question has been cleaned or leather washed, repeat the process to restore the protection. Please familiarize yourself with the important instructions for the correct use of a waterproofing spray.

Important notes:

  • Every leather reacts differently to impregnation, so each product should be tested for changes on an area that is not immediately visible before I carry out the process in full.
  • Even if the impregnation makes a significant contribution to protection against moisture and stains, appropriate handling of the respective product remains the prerequisite for optimum protection. If possible, light-colored and open-pored leathers should not come into contact with slush and muddy puddles.
  • Even if the leather is impregnated, it must not come into intensive contact with water.
  • Extensive, frequent use and high levels of friction will cause any impregnation to lose its effectiveness over time. It is important to restore the protection in good time by applying the product as described above.
  • Contains highly flammable aerosol. Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, hot surfaces and other highly flammable sources.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, rinse cautiously with water and seek medical attention in an emergency.
  • CAUTION - The impregnation spray must not be inhaled under any circumstances, as this can lead to serious damage to health
  • Waterproofing spray must always be kept out of the reach of children