City paws - this is what life is like with a dog in the city center

This is how you can optimise your everyday life with a dog in a big city

New York, Wien, London, Shanghai, Rom, Paris, Hamburg - the big cities are filled with pulsating life. None is like the other: Thus, they all enchant with their very own charm and yet they are united by the incomparable big city feeling. It's no wonder that young people in particular are drawn to the big cities or "swarm cities". Here, they are not only looking for fun and entertainment through the multifaceted offerings of the city's cultural institutions, but also for new friends and success in their careers. It is not until the population reaches 100,000 that a simple city becomes a big city - urban spaces that cannot be overlooked or overheard. The life that takes place behind the architectural skyline differs from suburbs and rural areas by its very own sound, enriched by car horns and police sirens. The liveliness, the background noise or even the sea of lights at night make the big city an ideal home for many people. But for residents, a cozy home in the midst of urban hustle and bustle usually includes not only a nice apartment, but also the right company - a dog. So it happens that not only thousands of people populate the streets of many cities, but with them also quite a few four-legged friends. For dog and owner not always easy: because the big city brings for the sweet fur noses still completely different challenges with itself than only lacking green spaces. We at William Walker want to take a close look at these difficulties today.

Big City Life: Overstimulation for your dog

Did you know that a German shepherd dog, for example, has 220 million olfactory cells? Humans, by comparison, have only about 5 million. Of course, the development of the sense of smell varies from dog to dog and from breed to breed, but it can still be said that our four-legged friends have much finer noses than we humans. If one runs thus by a gastronomic quarter, where we bipeds already get stomach growling alone from the wonderful smells in the air, then our four-legged companions take this smell up to 44 times more strongly. Sounds like a curse and a blessing. Many scents that have imprinted themselves in the minds of our four-legged friends are even completely unknown to us humans. The scent marks of the most diverse dogs romp and distribute themselves everywhere in the cities. Male dogs mark their territory and female dogs in heat announce their readiness with intoxicating scents. Especially for the unneutered male sleuths, the rounds around the block can lead to absolute sensory overload - the consequences can range from bad behavior, inattention and heartbreak to scratched doors and, in the worst case, health problems. 

Tip: Those who rule out neutering should take their dog for long walks away from stimuli in nature several times a week. Here, your four-legged friend can take a deep breath and indulge in completely different, more natural stimuli. An excursion into the countryside is certainly not bad for your own health either.

The best residential location for dog owners

In most cities there are quieter or greener areas a bit away from the city center. Living with a dog on the 10th floor in the middle of the city center can be very stressful for both parties. Especially since you also have to deal with the rare but occurring nighttime walking emergencies. Waiting for the elevator in the middle of the night can be tedious. Especially since in the middle of the city there is often a lack of green spaces and thus "redemption opportunities" for your four-legged friend. 

Tip: Find a place to live that also meets your dog's needs. Your dog does not have a toilet at home and is dependent on green spaces. When looking for an apartment, this criterion should definitely be taken into consideration, so that living together in the big city is as pleasant as possible for dog and dog owner.

Good networking makes life easier in the City

Are you new to a city or still can't find the right dog-friendly spots? 

Tip: The Internet can help. In every major city, there are several dog communities that can be found in online portals or apps (in Germany, for example Dogorama). Here you can not only meet new friends or dogwalk buddies, but also learn the latest news, about dangers such as poison bait in the area or fun actions for dog lovers. Being well connected can be worth its weight in gold in the colorful and sometimes chaotic hustle and bustle of the big city.

The dog is an animal of habit

If a dog is well socialized and has enjoyed a reasonable basic education, there is nothing to stop it from moving to the big city. With time, the four-legged friend will get used to the crowds, the noises and also most of the smells. 

Tip: It is advisable to accustom the dog to the new environment bit by bit. So you can explore the new city together with the dog perhaps already before the move a few times or go in the acclimatization phase more often still something outside for a walk. In addition, the city offers a lot of help. Here veterinarians, as well as dog trainers - and therapists, who stand dog owners with advice and action to the side. Thus, fears or insecurities of the beloved four-legged friend can be treated, relieved or trained away.

Perfectly equipped with your dog in the city

Architectural works of art, picturesque skylines and diverse street styles - culture, tradition and diversity turn the gray streets, colorful big cities. Today, the popular streets of various metropolises are no longer just sidewalks, but constantly changing catwalks and stages. Of course, this does not exclude our four-legged friends. 

Tip: With our William Walker dog accessories you not only hit the nerve of the time, but are also perfectly equipped. Matching our sets of collar and leash of the William Walker Leather Collection there are also our stylish and practical Poop Bag Holders. These can be attached to a leash, belt or the smart William Walker necklaces with a carabiner. This way you always have the necessary poop bags at hand and don't get on the nerves of your fellow citizens in the confines of the big city.

Yes, the big city brings challenges! But with the right attitude, a zest for life, a love of urban life, and a great dog by your side, the little hurdles of life as a dog owner can be overcome with ease. What problems do you know from your life with a dog in the big city? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments.


By Louisa Knoll

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