The 10 most popular dogs on social media

Beautiful moments are shared with pleasure and these are especially with the dog. From Petfluencern on Facebook to YouTube you can find them all. As William Walker, we don't miss the most popular dog accounts on social media. You regularly come across the cutest pictures and videos that make your heart beat faster and often make you laugh.

If you want to share your favorite moments with us, please mark us on Instagram under the following hashtag #wwmoments. We repost the best moments regularly and are looking forward to sharing your moments. Until then, we hope you enjoy checking out the most popular dogs on social media.


 1. @boothedog, 16.000.000 Facebook 

The beginning is Boo The Dog. Have you ever heard of him? With his 16.000.000 million fans on Facebook he was named the most popular dog on social media. The now eight-year-old Pomeranian Dog had his breakthrough at the age of five. During this time, numerous books, as well as clothes with his imprint and fabric cuddly toys have been sold. He is definitely an international star on four cute paws.


 2. @itsdougthepug, 4.000.000 Instagram

The little pug Doug is an absolute Internet icon. In 2019 he even won the title of "Animal Star" at the People's Choice Awards and the mayor of Nashville declared May 20th as "Doug the Pug Day". And not only on this day, his four million subscribers on Instagram celebrate with him. Go Pugs!


 3. @tuckerbudzyn, 2.400.000 Youtube

The Golden Retriever Tucker should not be missing on third place. Besides Instagram, the Golden Retriever also has a successful Youtube channel where you can get many exciting and cute insights into his life.


 4. @marutaro,  2.500.000 Instagram

Maru is a Shiba Inu and comes from Japan, but due to his growing popularity, this cuddly four-legged friend has already had numerous appearances on talk shows and is currently bustling from fan meeting to fan meeting. Japanese jet set on four paws.


 5. @tunameltshearts, 2.100.000

Besides its role as a social media star, Tuna is also committed to animal protection, in order to use its reach for a good cause. Despite its special appearance its fans love it all the more. Its slogan true beauty comes only from the inside, lives it daily forwards.


6. @loki, 2.000.000

An Instagram career had not been planned for the wolfdog Loki. The pictures, which were taken during his adventurous travels, attracted more and more attention to his master and him. No wonder. With a mix of Siberian Husky, Malamute and arctic wolf you can't be fascinated.


 7. @mayathepolarbear, 1.900.000

White fluffy fur and fluffy without an end. One would like to cuddle her for hours, on place eight we find Maya! A four year old Samoyed from Germany. With almost two million fans on Instagram and YouTube, she is not only one of the most famous dogs in Germany, but also one of the most popular dogs in the social media cosmos.


 8. @ppteamkler 1.800.000

The little dachshund Kler from Mexico lives the dream life of every dog mom on Instagram. Her 1.800.000 followers can happily accompany her life with her three little dachshund children. Little dog but oho!


 9. @harlowandsage, 1.700.000 Instagram

Originally, the Instagram account was only created for the Weimaraner Harlow and the Miniature Dachshund Sage. In the meantime the dog family has grown by two members. About the colorful everyday life of the four-headed gang of rattles you can find regular pictures and updates on Instagram. Why should you be satisfied with only one dog.


 10. @norbertthedog, 900.000

Last but not least we find Norbert the dog on the list of the most popular dogs on social media. Until today it is still unclear which breed Norbert is exactly. What is certain, however, is that his fans love the trained therapy dog and star of a children's book series about everything. His small tongue has already become his trademark.

Which dog accounts are your favorites? Share them with us in the comments, we are curious.

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