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The Nobile Collection

When we founded the idea of William Walker about three years ago, we wanted to develop appealing collars and leashes for discerning owners and their dogs. It has always been our ambition to give people with dogs and the desire for individuality and the sense of the extraordinary, a stylish way to live out this desire.

Since the beginning of our company a lot has changed. What has remained the same is our desire to develop the best and most beautiful products for our customers, whether they have two or four legs.Today is Sunday 15.11.2020 and we proudly and joyfully present the culmination of our work so far, our new collection “LA NOBILE”.

LA NOBILE - The Noble

When we set out to design this new collar and leash collection, we had two big goals. The first big goal was to create a product that from design to production is made in our home country Germany. With a view to the many different developments in the world, it was a personal concern to us to develop a product that is based on sustainable principles and itself lasts at least a whole dog's life.

The second major goal was to develop a product that does not yet exist, but is truly unique and sets its own design standards. After about a year of work, we have now arrived at the goal and hereby present our new leather collection La Nobile. A collection consisting of three designs, each with collar, leash and matching keychain as an exclusive accessory. The three-dimensional design, set off by carefully selected color combinations and the interplay of different types of leather, makes this collection visibly stand out from the crowd.  The result is a tangible luxury product that has managed to reinterpret elegance and beauty through its innovative design and custom manufacturing.

This collection owes its Italian name Nobile to the origin of the leather used. All the leather comes from a small tannery in Tuscany, Italy. The upper and lower leather of the leashes and collars is gently vegetable tanned leather. It was additionally milled, so that it now feels very smooth in the hand. The leather inside has a Saffiano embossing and gives the collection its noble touch. The collar will develop its own beautiful patina thanks to the leather properties, with frequent use.

Apart from the deliberately supplied premium leather from Italy, La Nobile is 100% designed and produced in Germany. Not only the entire leather processing, even the production of the stainless steel buckles is fully done in Germany. The collars and leashes consist in total of four layers, which is an absolute novelty. In addition to three layers of leather, we have added an additional microfiber insert, which guarantees the highest tensile strength and supports the longevity of the products. 

The manufacturing complexity of this collection goes far beyond the usual steps. Both the collar and the leash, are well over 20 individual steps necessary, each step in addition to the necessary craftsmanship, a maximum of concentration required.  Alone when applying the top layer of leather, the apparent frame, it requires both great craftsmanship and many years of experience. This step is pure handwork and must be done with great care, the edges must sit perfectly on each other and you really only have one try.

Our three Nobile designs are called Nero, Leonardo and Classico. We sincerely hope that they will enchant you as much as us. No matter which design you choose, you are in any case choosing an absolute luxury product that will give you many years of pleasure and favor.

A little hint: This is the opposite of mass-produced goods, so we won't be able to conjure up new goods at the push of a button. So if you are as excited as we are, don't wait too long.