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Luxury Dog Leashes and Collars made of soft Napa Leather by William Walker

William Walker manufactures dog accessories that have always delighted with their appealing looks and functionality. Although each of our products has an inherent innovative touch, our top priority remains to create timelessly beautiful designs for which there is no fashion expiration date. So when we decide on a new design, we always start by asking ourselves whether we will still like it 10 years from now. Only when we are of the opinion that this is the case, it is ready and we start to implement it.

Leather Collars with high wearing Comfort and sublime Feel

Our new William Walker Napa Collection is an alternative interpretation of our unchanged successful as well as dearly loved suede collection. The motive for the new collection this time comes not only from us but mainly from our customers. They love the supple softness of the leather, as well as equally the refined look and pleasant feel of the embossed grain. All collars and leashes are, as always, finely handcrafted, with great attention to detail. The collars are double layered and padded, so they are maximally comfortable for the four-legged friends. We have also included an additional microfiber layer, which leads to increased total resilience and ensures maximum life expectancy.

Dirt and moisture resistant leather Accessories for Dog and Owner

On the functional side, napa leather has the great advantage of being extremely insensitive to water and dirt. Due to the tanning and dyeing of the full-grain cowhide, the pores in the leather are closed, which is why the whole series is extremely easy to clean. So we have deliberately incorporated this material advantage into the choice of colors for our new models.

Dog Collars, Leashes & Poop Bag Holders in bright Colors and noble Design

For the choice of colors, we have opted more than before for bright and light colors and may now welcome some selected new designs. Peppermint is a bright mint green, Rose is a gossamer pink and Orange is a radiant orange. We have also reinterpreted two of our favorite designs, the light blue Sky design, as Sky No.2 as well as the grey Sea Salt design as Sea Salt No. 2. Despite the bright colors, all designs have a thoroughly classy look and embody real class. This is due on the one hand to the finely crafted contrast stitching, but also to the beautifully shiny brass fittings. From the buckles to the carabiners, to the eyelets in the collar, everything here just fits together perfectly. The super stylish and matching poop bag dispensers are available with each design to match.

Perfect Products even for very small Dogs

In addition to the triple adjustable leash and the City-Leash, we also launch the Small City- Leash with the Napa collection. The Small City-Leash is again significantly lighter than the regular City-Leash and is also well suited for the smallest four-legged friends due to the significantly reduced weight. It is just as long as the regular City-Leash, slightly narrower, and has a much smaller and lighter carabiner so that the weight what the dog must carry is reduced to an absolute minimum. Dog breeds such as Chihuahuas, Havanese, Miniature Spitz, or Yorkshire Terrier should choose the Small City-Leash - in principle, this leash is suitable for all dogs that have the collar size XXS and XS.