William Walker Hundeleine Ocean Gold / 3-fach verstellbarWilliam Walker Hundeleine Ocean Silber / 3-fach verstellbar
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Dog Leash Ocean

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Handmade dog leashes, dog collars and accessories made of smooth leather

When William Walker’s design language meets skilled craftsmanship and quality materials, magical things will happen. The William Walker Smooth Leather Collection is inspired by the natural aesthetics of natural colors and brings them together with our timeless design language. The result is a stunning collection that comes in three beautiful designs. The three designs Sand, Ocean, and Forest captivate with their respective depth of color and at the same time underline the special value of the smooth leather. The high quality of the open-pored smooth leather is also reflected in the smooth and pleasantly soft feel of the dog accessories. The high breathability of the smooth leather, i.e. the ability to let moisture through in the form of water vapor, is a positive side effect.

Breathable smooth leather collars with maximum comfort also for greyhounds

All designs come with Collar, triple adjustable Leash, City Leash, Small City Leash, Poop Bag Holder and matching Treat Bag. Here, for the first time, the graceful necks of the greyhounds also get the full benefit of noble design and high wearing comfort. The collection offers in all designs ergonomically adapted collars for Greyhounds and related representatives such as Whippets and Basenjis.

Leather collection with gold and silver fittings

We are fortunate to have many interested and dedicated customers who regularly contact us directly with feedback and concrete wishes. We love this exchange and with this collection also have followed along with a frequently expressed wish. For the first time, every dog owner has the choice of having their desired design with gold or silver fittings. Now there is the agony of choice, whereby for us it is pretty clear to rather think in terms like “as well as” instead of “either-or” - thus actually not so hard at all.

In any case, we wish you a lot of fun while browsing the Smooth Leather Collection and are eagerly waiting to see what you decide - luckily, as always, you can only make the right decision.